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We love to pop your bubble.


Branding that visually mirrors your passion + empowers your vision with ethical strategy.

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Get on our level.


✓ You’re sick of typical digital marketing narratives that prioritize manipulative strategies.​

✓ You’re overwhelmed by web building options and the design process or can't figure out social media.

✓ You don't want a "basic" website or social (because you're a multi-faceted being and brand/business).


✓ You're looking to change the direction of your brand/business to be more authentic to your growth and transformation.

✓ You need a professional, functional and visually memorable digital presence to showcase, sell and/or book your work, products and/or services in an ethical way.

The butterfly is in effect.



Hungry Caterpillar

This is the research stage where you work on answering simple brand questions while Manic Theory analyzes competitor and audience data to assess where we can uniquely position your brand.



Cacoon Moment

Inspired by your ideas and our strategy, this is the phase where creativity germinates to create brands, content, and web designs. It's a collaborative process that takes tenderness and time.



Official Launch

Manic Theory values data driven strategy, using reflective analysis to assure outcomes are genuine and in-line with your goals. Manic Theory will keep a sharp eye on your metamorphosis during your launch. 



Effective Flutter

From idea to fruition, Manic Theory's unique approach to branding and visuals has proven to keep users engaged. At the end of work with Manic Theory, you'll be better equip to continue to soar.

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 • Collaborative process 

 • Data-Driven 

 • 100% Transparency 



 • DIY Brand Strategy

 • Customizable sites 

 • Built for the BOLD 

isn't an act.

It's a mindset. We structure every process to balance the left and right side of your brain; balancing between creative conceptualization to strategic planning.

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I'm robyn, your go-to creative strategist and favorite philosop-her.

✓ Gemini ☼  Aquarius ☽ and ↑, ENTP, Enneagram 5

✓ Vegan animal lover and spicy food fanatic with a tabby cat named LaCie (after a tech company that produces external hard drives), who spends her free time taking long walks, reading, writing poetry, exploring museums and frequenting local open mic nights.


Budding renaissance-women skilled in research and analysis, trend forecasting, brand development, social strategy and multimedia content creation with a distinguished interest in using social media for social good.


Life-time learner and self-improvement junkie armed with a Bachelor's degree in Digital Audiences and a second degree pending in Philosophy, from Arizona State University.

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Working with her has been such an incredible process.

"Robyn has such incredible vision. I'm blown away. Working with her has been such an incredible process. Her creativity is inspiring. She is organized, timely, committed...and has been able to take what I wanted for my business, and expand it into something that I couldn't even see for myself. Hire her."

Stacy DiGregorio – Lotus Heart Mindfulness

ready to reclaim some social sanity?
It starts here.

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Download our free
DIY privacy policy.

​Privacy policies are a great way to inform interested users about how their data is used on and off your website, like on social media advertisements. Manic Theory views privacy policies as an opportunity to encompass a brands entire stance on data use in one comprehensive document.


  • A privacy policy is a required document that every website should have that contains information on how user data will be protect, stored, and used.

  • There are no federal laws around privacy policies, each state in the USA has their own legislature. California encourages the most transparency.

  • Research shows privacy policies promote trust between users and brands that have them.

  • Most service providers require websites display a privacy policy to use their applications (like Google Analytics).